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Advanced satisfaction surveys module


This Prestashop module creates a system with personalized questions that are sent automatically after a few days after submitting the order. Customers receive an email to know their ratings.

Compatible with: Prestashop v1.6 or v1.7

Promotions Notice Module


This Prestashop module has promotions notices configured by price ranges and priority. When a customer adds a product to their basket and it falls within those ranges, they are shown a popup informing them of the promotion.

Compatible with: Prestashop v1.6

Query Module in Product Sheet


This Prestashop module integrates in the product file the contact form in a popup with the reference of said product, to make direct inquiries about said article.

Compatible with: Prestashop v1.6 or v1.7

Message on Holiday Module


This Prestashop module creates a notice of your vacation period in your Prestashop store. The module is adapted for correct viewing on both large screens and mobile devices. It will be displayed at the top of all sections.

Compatible with: Prestashop v1.6 or v1.7

Landing Pages Module


The Landing Pages module for prestashop offers us the possibility of creating multiple CMS pages with content and personalized products for our website, quickly and easily. These pages have a very good indexing in search engines like Google, and help us to increase visits and improve the SEO of our store.

Compatible with: Prestashop v1.6 or 1.7

Withdrawal PDF generator module


All online stores must allow their customers to exercise the right of withdrawal, that is, to return those products that they may not want, within the period established by law.

Compatible with Prestashop v1.6 or v1.7

General Conditions of Sale and Contract Module


This module will allow you to send an email, with a customer's order confirmation, a copy of the general conditions of sale of your website. This will be included at the end of the email.

Compatible with: Prestashop 1.6 (v1.6.1 onwards) or 1.7

Commissions by payment method


The official payment modules do not have the possibility of adding a surcharge according to the payment method used. Since Spanish legislation does allow the charge of bank commissions, there are many SMEs that want to pass this commission on to the purchase.

Compatible with: Prestashop v1.6 or v1.7

Equivalence Surcharge Module


This module allows the store to manage and collect the Equivalence Surcharge to those customers who, due to their tax characteristics, are legally subject to it.

Compatible with: Prestashop v1.6 or 1.7

Customer reminder module


This module allows you to send emails with promotions and information to those users who, having bought on some occasion, have not bought on the web for a long time.

Compatible with Prestashop 1.6 or 1.7.

Cross-sell module


This module allows you to offer the customer offers and products related to the product that you are visiting at any given time, in a way that expands the possibilities of selling other products.

Compatible with: Prestashop v1.6 or v1.7

Text banner module


This module allows you to customize and display a banner with text at the top of all sections of your website.

Compatible with: Prestashop v1.6 or v1.7

Google Reviews module


As a seller, you will have the possibility to improve your reputation by increasing the number of evaluations that your customers will make and showing them directly associated with your business information in Google My Business .

Compatible with: Prestashop v.1.6 or v.1.7

Notification in cart module


This module will allow you to show in the basket, at the time of purchase, a notification for a series of specific products.

Compatible with: Prestashop v.1.6 or v.1.7

WhatsApp Popup module for mobile


This module allows you to include, in the mobile version, a floating WhatsApp icon on the page so that the customer can contact you directly.

Compatible with: Prestashop v1.6 or v1.7

Web Audit


We advise you. Through a report, our SEO / SEM Marketing team will conduct an audit through a detailed report on the status of your website.

contact web audit

Manual URL Redirects Module


Avoid 404 not found pages and optimize your SEO on your website creating as URL redirects(301, 302, 404) as you need.

Compatible with: Prestashop v1.6 ó v1.7

Prestashop Modules

Prestashop is a software designed to make available to many sectors, the possibility of creating their website, grow in the digital community and in general, increase the sales of your business . Thanks to its development, its simplicity and the Prestashop modules, a large number of needs can be covered. From design, management, SEO or payment methods.

Thanks to the large number of Prestashop modules that exist, we can activate, configure and deactivate the functionalities of our online store.

Prestashop 1.7 and 1.6 modules

Prestashop Modules developed for your online store

At Dusnic we have developed Prestashop modules for versions 1.7 and 1.6 , with or without installation. We are a company with experience in developing Prestashop modules for online stores. That is why we work to make it easy for our clients. Simple solutions, good price and made to measure.

Below you can find a series of Prestashop modules very useful for any online store:

Complete your online store with the best Prestashop modules

If you have an online store and you want to complete or improve the services you offer to your customers, do not hesitate to get one of our Prestashop modules . With them, you will have a series of added functionalities that will improve the customer experience or your internal management of the online store, to save you time and money.

If you need more information about our Prestashop modules you can contact us by calling 961 180 133 . Our team of Prestashop experts will assist you as soon as possible.