How to sell more during the campaign of love

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Valentine's Day, a date for many invented by supermarkets and for others an opportunity to show love for their partners, is just around the corner. We tell you some tricks to increase sales in your online store during these weeks and make your customers not only fall in love with their partners, but with your products and your brand as well.

Know your audience

Just as love relationships begin with getting to know each other, your love story with your client should begin with the same. Research your potential audience and create what is called buyer person , a reconstruction of what your ideal customer is like. What are their tastes, how old are they, how do they behave online and offline, what do they want, what do they need, etc. Once you take this step, you will be much closer to the purchase, because you will know how to orient your products to their needs and you will reach the depths of their heart.

Meet the market

We already know what the customer who buys from us is like, but now we must know what our competitor and the market in general are like. It will allow us to estimate a competitive price for our products and knowing their strengths and weaknesses will make us stronger towards our audience.

Communicate with your client

If we continue with the comparison with a love story, something that should not be lacking is communication. The way you present your website during the campaign can attract more visitors or, on the contrary, decrease them. Therefore, it is important to have designs adapted to each campaign and to our clients. Take advantage of each marketing campaign to make your website look as beautiful as possible. Get our slider totally designed to make your audience fall in love.

Make a difference

If there is one thing we are sure of, it is that our love module makes a difference. A shower of hearts that will leave your website ready for this very loving campaign. Make hearts rain on your website with our hearts module.