Commissions by payment method

The official payment modules do not have the possibility of adding a surcharge according to the payment method used. Since Spanish legislation does allow the charge of bank commissions, there are many SMEs that want to pass this commission on to the purchase.

Compatible with: Prestashop v1.6 or v1.7

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Payment Methods Commissions

Official payment modules do not have the possibility of adding a surcharge depending on the payment method used. Given that Spanish legislation does allow bank commissions to be charged, there are many SMEs that wish to pass on this commission to the purchase.

This module will allow a simple management of these commissions, being able to configure by percentage of the total amount, with a minimum and a maximum commission.

What does the module provide?

To you

  • Report commissions depending on your payment method
  • Justify the commissions by payment method
  • Pass commissions to the client

To your customers

  • Pay according to commissions
  • Transparency to freedom of payment


The procedure is simple, and you only need the compressed file of the module.
Even so, it is necessary to meet some minimum requirements to guarantee the functioning of the module:

  • Compatible with prestashop version 1.6
  • Compatible with prestashop version 1.7
  • Administrator accounts in the backoffice with module installation permissions.

Note: This module may not be compatible with certain versions of PayPal Checkout

To start the installation, go to "Modules and Services" and look for a button called "Add new module", on the top right.
Click on it and a tab will open just below with the button "Choose a file" on the right.
Click on this and a file explorer will open, where you should look for the module's zip file.
When you have found it, select it, and click " Open".
Finally, click on "Upload this module", to perform the installation.


Configure payment commissions
Allows you to activate or deactivate the module.

Payment method
Select the payment method.

Type of commission
Select between the different types :

  • Fixed + percentage: a fixed amount in euros plus a percentage of the total amount of the order
  • Fixed: fixed amount in euros
  • Percentage: percentage of the total amount

Fixed and percentage commission
Indicate the commission amounts.

Minimum and maximum commission
Indicate if there is a minimum and/or maximum commission.
This case is useful when you need to configure a commission as a percentage, but if said percentage is less than an amount, then a fixed one is used.

Client groups
If you want to restrict the commission to certain groups, you will be able to choose the groups from the available list. If you want to apply the commission to all groups, do not select any group.

Expert users

If you have knowledge of HTML, you can use the "Expert Users" options that will allow you to indicate the HTML selector of the payment method that appears on the payment method selection screen.


Comisiones Métodos de Pago

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