Notification in cart module

This module will allow you to show in the basket, at the time of purchase, a notification for a series of specific products.

Compatible with: Prestashop v.1.6 or v.1.7

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Basket notification

This module will allow you to display a notification for a series of specific products in the basket. In this way, the products associated with the module, when added to the cart, will activate the notification. With this system we can inform customers of certain characteristics of the product at the time of purchase.

What does the module provide?

To you

  • Message notice on product to cart
  • Selection of promotions or gifts
  • Notice to Highlight

To your customers

  • Notice customer information
  • Information on advantages and unforeseen products


The procedure is simple, and you only need the compressed file of the module.
Even so, it is necessary to meet some minimum requirements to guarantee the functioning of the module:

  • For Prestashop version 1.6
  • For Prestashop version 1.7
  • Administrator accounts in the backoffice with module installation permissions.


Once the module is installed you can configure:

Use module
Allows you to activate or deactivate the module.

IDs of categories separated by commas
Enter the IDs of the categories in which, once a product of this category has been added to the basket, you want a notification to be displayed.

Your message
Write the message you want to appear in the shopping cart when you add a product from the category(ies) you have selected.

Background Color
Customize the background color that will be used in the basket notification.

Text color
Customize the text color that will be used in the basket notification.

Notificación en cesta

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