Promotions Notice Module

This Prestashop module has promotions notices configured by price ranges and priority. When a customer adds a product to their basket and it falls within those ranges, they are shown a popup informing them of the promotion.

Compatible with: Prestashop v1.6

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Promotions Notice Module

This promotion notification module, activates a pop-up when a user adds a product to the cart. In this Prestashop module you can create several pop-ups, with different promotions taking into account the price range.

Thanks to the promotion notification module Prestashop you will be able to announce discounts and promotions in a simple and personalized way for each price range.


The procedure is simple, and you only need the compressed file of the module.
Even so, it is necessary to meet some minimum requirements to guarantee the functioning of the module:

  • For version Prestashop 1.6


Configuring the promotion notification module Prestashop is very simple. Once installed, you can then create different ads for different price ranges. Choose in the Prestashop module, what image you want to show, for what price ranges and also add a priority to show one or the other.

More information about the promotion notification module Prestashop

This Prestashop module is fully manageable. You can add several promotions at the same time, giving priority to your most important promotion. Remember, that the promotion must be included in the image that you must upload

*The product does not include installation. If you want the module to be installed, you must request a quote through the contact form or through the mail


Next in this video we will tell you a little more about how the promotion notification module works.

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