Why does your website need a withdrawal form?

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What is the right of withdrawal?

Within online, catalog or telephone sales contracts, there is a withdrawal rule by the consumer. Basically, it is the right to return the purchased product within 14 calendar days and without alleging absolutely nothing in this regard.

Therefore, your website must be prepared so that the consumer makes use of their right of withdrawal through an easily downloadable document where they can renounce their product by providing a series of data that we will see later.

The Withdrawal Form in your Prestashop

The withdrawal document must be delivered by the seller. That is, it must be present on your website in a section where all the details General Conditions of Sale and Contracting are explained. In turn, these terms must be reflected in the shipping details once the customer receives their confirmation via email.

The withdrawal form must meet the following fields:

  • Name, address and contact information of your store (always the legal name)
  • Field to cover the detail of the acquired goods
  • Fields to be covered from the reference of the order placed
  • The date
  • The field for the full name of the consumer or consumers
  • The address of the consumer or consumers
  • The signature (only required if the document is presented on paper)

Module for withdrawal form

If you need to install a withdrawal form on your website at Dusnic we will help you. We advise you on your needs and help you with the withdrawal form module so that you can comply with legality and consumer rights.

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