Bizum module. Mobile payment

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Bizum module for Prestashop

Bizum has come strong, also to online commerce. And is that, the Bizum payment module, is perfect to facilitate the user the purchase and thus increase the conversion from mobile. This payment system is designed so that the purchase of your customers is safe, you will generate trust and you will give them facilities when buying your products and services.

Users who use Bizum are much more active in digital banking, therefore, they are much more used to buying online . That is the potential client that interests us the most. Why not please him?

 Bizum Module for Prestashop

Bizum module: What is it?

Bizum is an immediate transfer system that uses the mobile number that you have linked to your bank account . At the moment, it is completely free for all users and offers you many very interesting advantages.

With Bizum, a double validation factor is incorporated and complies with the European payment directive PSD2 . Thanks to the association between Bizum and the bank account, the user will be able to make the purchase in record time.

What guarantees will you have with the Bizum module for Prestashop?

In Dusnic we install the Bizum module in prestashop v1.6 or 1.7. You will have to meet very few requirements for this integration to be possible. The most important of them is that your payment allows payment with Bizum, since to date not all of them are on that list. From Dusnic, we recommend that you contact your bank and ask for prior information in this regard.

In addition, it is necessary that you have a Virtual POS of the Redsys platform . You can consult the list of banks that allow payment with Bizum at the following link: /

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