Improve your SEO in Prestashop with our 3 pillars

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How to do good SEO in Prestashop?

In the world of ecommerce there are three fundamental pillars that we have to respect for our SEO in Prestashop to work.

In order to have a regular flow of users, it is necessary that the SEO of a website is properly worked.

Detailing the pillars that most interest us in Prestashop SEO:

  • Crawling and indexing:

There are very important issues to work on in this regard. The first is speed. For example, do not waste loading time resources, be clear about the response codes and be very careful in blocking TXT robots and No indexes. It is very important that we index only what we want Google to find , but it is also very important that we do not block relevant content on our website.

To control these issues, you can do a small study with Screaming Frog , and above all, have a little control over the ownership of your website with the Google Search Console.

You have to bear in mind that the depth of clicks for Google is important, so a good categorization is important, but also a good strategy of internal links.

  • Popularity and Brand Marketing

Popularity is important, we need google to understand what we are and what we do. The first step to positioning your website is starting by positioning your brand name. For this, it is essential to work on link building with semantic relevance and work on brand reputation and notoriety.

Do it natural . It is very important to have external reference links , but if these links that point to you are in most other countries, in other languages ​​or on topics not related to yours ... you may be penalized for it.

  • Content: Offer the content your users are looking for

With each Google update we are closer to the user , and if your content is not natural, you move away. The important thing is to offer relevant content that solves the question of your user. Look for interaction, look for interest and look for a longer session time on your website.

Be very careful with cannibalization and duplication of content.