How to make offers in Prestashop?

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Prestashop gives you the facilities to add specific prices, discount rules (such as catalog rules) and even specific discount vouchers through cart rules.

If what you want is to make offers in Prestashop in a simple way, you can do it through the price in the product itself. You can add the percentage of discount you want to a specific product manually and easily.

In this section, you can define certain important aspects when making offers in Prestashop . You can mark specific customers, availability on dates, prices based on units ... In addition, you can do the discount either by percentages or by price quantities.

Make offers in Prestashop from the product edition by checking the "price" option

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Next, look for the tab "add specific price"

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Choose the particularities of your discount, remember that you can establish an offer in Prestashop both for exact amounts and percentages.

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Make Offers in Prestashop by discount code

On the other hand, maybe what you should do is establish a code or discount coupon that affects according to some characteristics that you have chosen. These discount codes, you can do it from discount rules, marking the discount voucher option.

Discount vouchers in Prestashop offer multiple possibilities when making offers.

Make prestashop discounts and offers

With this system, you can define a discount code for a single customer, set a minimum price, make special discounts for a limited time, send a gift, mark the categories subject to that discount, and even make a discount plus shipping free on certain products or categories. These types of offers in Prestashop are super practical for specific moments, and to make exclusive promotions through social networks.

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Make FLASH Offers In Prestashop

Sometimes, the commercial needs of our online business are different. Sometimes, we want to make offers and discounts in our Prestashop a little more original.

With our flash offers module in Prestashop, you will be able to promote sales at a discount using a time marker . Our flash offers give you the opportunity to sell in a different way. The flash offers module for prestashop helps to indicate to users an offer that will expire after a while, so your customers will know how much time they have left to have that offer.

This module, perfect for making offers in Prestashop, is very intuitive and easy to use , thanks to its administration method.

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Here we show you our flash offers counter for Prestashop

 Flash offers prestashop

With Dusnic you can buy your ideal flash offers module, and even ask us for a quote for a Prestashop offers module that perfectly fits all your sales needs. And there are not two equal businesses, therefore, Dusnic gives you tailor-made solutions . We are your digital partner.