How to get more reviews in Google?

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One of the factors that Google takes into account the most when showing nearby results in a map search are reviews. In addition, positive reviews increase trust in users and prospects.

Reviews are essential, and every day more. The famous stars are super important, in fact there are portals like Tripadvisor that have been living from it for a few years now.

What's the best Google review you can get?

Obviously you can't go on demanding from your users a way to write a review in the "correct way" but at least it will be good that you know the perfect elements that make up a Google review.

  • That the review contains a photo: Photo reviews ARE WORTH MORE. In addition, the photos can be geolocated, this is already the best for local positioning.
  • That the review contains a keyword: Let's say you have a backpack store in Madrid. It is interesting that the reviews are of the type: "The best backpack store I know in Madrid, the best service .. blabla"
  • A comprehensive review, with details: It is very important that you respond to your reviews, be they good, fair or bad. Do not enter into debates or discussions and always with the love that your users deserve. Also, it never hurts to leave a keyword in the answers.
  • A review from a valuable user: That is, from a person who has already made other reviews. There are people who have the habit of wanting to help with their experience and more and more users are giving a lot of output to their Google profile.

Get 100% Real Google Reviews in your online store

There are so many ways to get reviews. You can share your My Business profile link on social networks, send it to Telegram groups, send mass mailings to your family and friends so they can give you a cable ... That has always been done and always will be done.

You can also buy them, although this is a bit similar to buying Instagram followers: chances are high that it will go wrong.

From Dusnic we have developed a a module that will help you have 100% real reviews of users who YES have bought from your online store.

Our Google Reviews module creates a popup linked to your Google MyBusiness profile so that customers are encouraged to leave a review of their shopping experience.