Modules and Tips for Selling more at Christmas

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How can I sell more at Christmas?

Everyone knows that Christmas is one of the strongest sales times. And it is that between gifts, whims and last minute troubles , there are many businesses that during the month of December see their sales grow up to 50% more.

How to not be left behind and see how your business grows at Christmas? The truth is that if you have a Prestashop, you can easily adapt to the needs and whims of users during this time of year. There are a few modules that can help you grow and adapt to the Christmas spirit.

Here is a list of essential modules to increase your sales at Christmas.

Flash Offers Module: An infallible Christmas marketing strategy

An infallible strategy that we do not tire of recommending is that of flash offers . Nothing better than exerting a little pressure for the user to buy what they need with a special promotion. The best to get the most out of this module? Create a special category of promotions that when clicking will take us to a series of products that you and the user may be interested in.

(Super tip: Take advantage of this module to create very juicy daily offers, ranges, brands or other kinds of articles)

Christmas Packs: Designs, Congratulations and much more

For Christmas, you should not forget to notify of your special promotions through newsletters and congratulations. Part of adapting your online store to Christmas is to keep the Christmas spirit alive with congratulations to your most loyal customers with special promotions for them.

Generate a very attractive discount code and start an email marketing campaign. It is very important that you choose an attractive design and that you give them advantages that they want to take advantage of on such special dates.

On the other hand, don't forget to decorate your website well. Opt for rain modules snow , custom sliders, and even customization of your company logos with hats, garlands and Santa Claus.

Don't hesitate, Christmas is much easier with Prestashop Modules.