Web Audit: What is it for?

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What is a web audit?

The web audit, better known as SEO audit is the key starting point for success. Before taking any action, it is essential to know what the status of your website is. With a web audit we analyze all possible action factors both on page and off page.

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Thanks to a web audit, we can see how the overall picture is and thus study other ways that further exploit its performance.

The objectives of a web audit range from detection of web weaknesses, to the ideal optimization for correct indexing. Before starting to mobilize a SEO campaign , it is essential to carry out a web audit in which we can also analyze the keywords and their results for the user.

What is a web audit for?

With a web audit we will show the strengths and weaknesses. You can perform web audits in case of user variables. If the normal traffic on your website is 100 daily visits, and suddenly they drop to 40, this decrease will have to be studied.

At Dusnic, we have the knowledge to be able to carry out these types of web audits. We want to analyze and improve the quality of both your SEO and the usability of your ecommerce.

Make your Web Audit in Dusnic

At Dusnic we will work on a report where we will study each of the factors that make your website not work as you expected. From usability to online design.

In addition, we will see greater shortcomings and we will carry out a keyword study to know if you are working with the appropriate terms and how to do it in the best possible way.