How to create a landing page?

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A landing page is essential to carry out customer acquisition and sales. Before any project, it is necessary to know and know how to generate a landing page to reach its final goal, which is conversion.

Therefore, today we are going to talk about what is a landing page , how it is made and what it is for. In addition, we will give you a series of effective factors so that the creation of your landing page is a success.

What is a landing page and what is it for?

A landing page is a page where you literally land , and its main objective is to convert without further distraction. In this way, we reduce navigation steps taking the user to a specific point that we are interested in exploiting more.

Although landing pages in Prestashop are mainly used to sell a product in a final way, it doesn't just have to be that. In fact, there are landing pages of all kinds, for example newsletter subscription.

how to create a prestashop landing page

What do you have to take into account to create a successful landing page?

Any landing page has to comply with a series of factors for it to respond successfully to the user. In addition, (and as always) it is very important that you measure well how it is working and if it is really helping the user.

Now, take note of these tips, because they will help you a lot:

  1. Center the focus and never leave your final goal behind
  2. Design a landing page that is focused on the target audience
  3. The copy's focus on the call to action
  4. The title of your landing page that is very attractive
  5. Put calls to action with buttons
  6. Don't forget the loading speed of your landing page

Maybe you need a landing page in your business

Nobody knows your business better than you. You can start by generating a landing page as a category in your Prestashop store, or opt for a much more efficient and faster method like our landing page module .

With our landing page module you will find

  • Specific positioning with tailored content.
  • Specific product catalog according to page.
  • Increase in pages with relevant content on your website.

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