How to create the perfect product sheet in Prestashop?

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If we want the traffic of our Prestashop store to increase, but above all to generate conversion, a good product file is the key element to take into account. If you don't adapt well to new needs and positioning algorithms, all your marketing and category work efforts will be in vain.

Product pages are now landing pages (landing pages) or at least, you should start to see them like this.

 Perfect product sheets

Small summary of the functions that the product pages must fulfill

A product page has to be more than just a regular tab. It has to comply with important aspects in order to generate attention above the competition and of course to meet a minimum of usability . You must always bear in mind that the product card is the key element that will make the user buy, or pass.

Therefore, we give you certain premises so that you take them into account when making your new product sheet and to generate its content:

  • BUILD CONFIDENCE: Not only in the product you are selling, but also in your company. You can choose to display opinions and reviews from other buyers. Nowadays, users get carried away a lot by the shopping experience of others, and it is important to be transparent and show that your product and your service are worth it.
  • CATCH ATTENTION: Don't underestimate the design of the add to cart or buy button. You have to think about making it attractive to capture the user's attention and improve the impulse purchase rate.
  • EXPLAIN THE PRODUCT: And not only the advantages and functions, but also your company. The user increasingly overlooks your home, you must make a value at every moment in which you have the opportunity.
  • CREATE A NEED : This is not from now, this is the basis of any good business relationship. You have to generate a need in the consumer so that he knows that he needs your product, not a similar one, but yours.

How can I make my Presatshop product file perfect? ​​

We are not going to tell you that it is simple but you do have to be clear that there are 3 fundamental practices so that the aforementioned questions are fulfilled.

  • Increase loyalty. Encourage communication and that they always give you opinions and reviews. There are Prestashop modules that make these functions much easier and improve quickly.
  • Keep the product page focused on your product (and always on similar products or from the same line) but always follow coherence with your brand and your image.
  • Inspiration to your customers. Make them participate, make them feel that they are part of your brand and create a living universe that breathes. They will be the ones who can best promote you with their recommendations to other future clients. There is no better advertisement than a satisfied customer.

In Prestashop product sheets, cross-selling does not go out of style

Cross-selling does not go out of style, it is transformed. It is important that you always make suggestions for similar products, from the same line or accessories. If a customer is interested in a product, suggesting better ones may be a better sales channel than you think . In addition, it greatly improves the user experience.

In your Prestashop product file you can relate your product to similar products, which are in the same category or are part of the same line.

Let's take an example!

If you sell laptops, you can choose related products such as mice, cases or even an antivirus. Amazon, for example, creates packs with the chosen product by adding two related products and offering an offer. You can take that idea as a base.

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