5 essential Prestashop modules for 2021

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Prestashop has become the CMS par excellence when creating an online store and its modules have earned the right to boast among their competitors. What are the best modules for Prestashop this 2021 ?

There are many details that we have to take care of and polish when establishing a web page. As experts in online store design and with more than 18 years of experience in the sector, we have prepared a short list of essential Prestashop modules .

Both to improve SEO positioning, and to create a good user experience and facilitate communication with customers, there are a series of essential modules for Prestashop in 2021 .

Best Prestashop Modules

1 - Google reviews module

Google Prestashop reviews module

We can start with a classic module, the Google reviews module . There are several reasons why this module is requested or because they have published false reviews on Google or negative reviews , or because you directly want to promote positive customer opinions.

The main feature of this module is that the ratings and comments are completely visible to all users who have searched for information about your business. In addition, Google recognizes in a very positive way that there is interaction between users and business, so in addition to generating trust in your website, it will greatly enhance your SEO Onsite.

Your future customers will have more information about your service which will improve their decision-making capacity when making a purchase. You will no longer have doubts about how to get more reviews on Google and this module is the right solution.

2 - Promotions reminder module

We do not forget a essential Prestashop module such as the reminder to customers allows you to send emails with new offers, special promotions, reminders and all relevant information to old customers who have already bought something time on the web but they have not visited the page for a long time or have not bought again.

Prestashop promotions module

3 - WhatsApp Prestashop module

The WhatsApp button is one of the essential elements when generating new leads.

Now not only will you get sales but with the Prestashop WhatsApp module you will be able to answer questions easily , respond quickly and create a user experience that will allow the user to feel comfortable in a close environment and friendly.

In short, the advantages of the WhatsApp button They are spectacular: Easy installation and customization, immediate contact with customers, available for the latest versions of Prestashop 1.6 and 1.7, customizable messages, compatible with all web browsers.

4 - Vacation notice module

Module vacations Prestahsop

For both Prestashop 1.6 and 1.7, this module will allow you to disconnect during your vacation period.

The idea of ​​installing more vacation module for Prestahsop is to notify your contacts about your vacation , start date, period and return date as well as personalized texts and images.

"What a pity that he has an online store and cannot even rest during the holidays" you ask. No more worries. With our holiday module Prestashop the shopping cart will show a deactivated during the holiday period. Another of the extras is a notification notice and an email with a message to the buyer to notify him.

5- Notification module in basket

With this module you can show a notification in the basket for those specific products that have specific characteristics.

Advantages of buying the notification module in basket ? Those products linked to the module will show a notification about the relevant characteristics when they are added to the shopping cart. With this system we can inform customers of certain characteristics of the product at the time of purchase.

In Dusnic we install Prestashop Modules

We advise you at the time of buying your Prestashop modules , at Dusnic we have a specialized team and we have been implementing this type of modules for more than 18 years for all types of websites and online stores.